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Much more than just a wholesale shoe stock

Ours is not a simple wholesale shoe stock but a business specialized in fast fashion. In fact, the footwear stock offered in our online catalogue, as well as in our showroom at Centergross in Bologna, is manufactured following a fast and efficient production line always updated on the latest fashion trends. The most current and trendiest styles are interpreted and combined in a variety of models, always ready faster than in any traditional production cycle and, therefore, always in step with the demands of the fashion business. Thanks to this system, we are able to anticipate the market trends and meet the needs of international clients, each with their own specific requirement and characteristics. Different by type (large stores or small businesses, permanent or mobile), all our clients know that they can find in Alsido Calzature the ideal shoe stock where to buy new models throughout the year. In addition to seasonal changes, fast fashion allows us to continually renew our offer, always proposing new items. The renewal of our collections is really fast (at times even at the rate of once a week) and our warehouse is always active, both in terms of latest arrivals and fast re-stocking of some of the most in-demand models. That is why what you find today may not always be there tomorrow.

However, what never changes is our attention to the quality of the raw materials and footwear offered: our wholesale shoes, in fact, are produced in Italy with quality leathers and fabrics and with the attention to details that have always distinguished Italian design. We personally choose the manufacturers we rely on and we ensure that they always maintain the high standard of design and processing that distinguishes our products. To guarantee this, we adopted a clear policy of returns and replacements. What you can find in our wholesale shoe stock is just a small selection of our extensive catalog of women's footwear. Contact us for more details on the proposed models or to discover all our shoe stock.